The RCS Lensing Survey

Welcome to the Astronomer section of the website for the Red Cluster Sequence Lensing Survey: RCSLenS.

The RCSLenS is a 700 square degree multi-colour optical survey in griz incorporating all data from the Red Sequence Cluster 2 Survey (RCS2). It has spectroscopic overlap with both the WiggleZ and BOSS spectroscopic surveys.

RCS2 was optimised for weak lensing analysis with the r-band data taken in optimal sub-arcsecond seeing conditions and for finding high redshift clusters using the red sequence technique Gladders and Yee 2000.

The RCSLenS team are former members of the CFHTLenS team who have developed four new data analysis methods to enable a robust and accurate weak lensing analysis of the data:

Lensing quality data reduction with THELI detailed in Erben et al 2012
Bayesian model-fitting for shear measurement with Lensfit outlined in Miller et al 2012
Gaussianised Photometry for accurate photometric redshifts, detailed in Hildebrandt et al 2012
Robust field selection based on systematic error analyses, detailed in Heymans et al 2012

The RCSLenS team is processing the RCS2 data with the same tools that were developed for CFHTLenS.