RCSLenS publications

Hildebrandt et al. (2016) "RCSLenS: The Red Cluster Sequence Lensing Survey"

Blake et al. (2016) "RCSLenS: testing gravitational physics through the cross-correlation of weak lensing and large-scale structure"

Buddendiek et al. (2016) "RCSLenS: a new estimator for large-scale galaxy-matter correlations"

Kitching et al. (2015) "RCSLenS: Cosmic Distances from Weak Lensing"

Choi et al. (2015) "CFHTLenS and RCSLenS: Testing Photometric Redshift Distributions Using Angular Cross-Correlations with Spectroscopic Galaxy Surveys"

RCS2 publications (papers written by the Red Sequence Clusters Survey team with the RCS2 data) are available here